Dos-and-Donts Mortgage by Loan On Phone

Do’s and Dont’s of Applying for a Mortgage

A mortgage is essentially a loan which is taken to purchase property or land. The minimum time of the loan is 25 years but these can be shorter or extended as per the particular demand and need. The loan is secured under the property that you provide as collateral unless the whole amount is paid off. There are some prerequisites that you must consider before applying for a mortgage.

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Here are some of the things one must take into consideration:

  • The debt load increases when you apply for too many loans. When one applies for a home loan the lender will surely assess the load of debts, and then compare the same with gross monthly income. You don’t wish to increase the Debt to Income ratio, as this can have an adverse effect on your chances of getting loan approval.
  • Credit card debt is a common reason for rejection of a mortgage loan. Too much debt on the credit card can put you on the bad side of lender’s preference. It is wise to use credit card mindfully if you wish to apply for a mortgage loan. Overuse can also affect the credit score by escalating the overall credit utilization ratio.
  • Lenders utilize the credit score as a tool to assess the risks involved. The higher your credit scores the more chances of lender trusting you for providing a loan. If you wish to avail a mortgage loan, you must ensure that you never pay late. A single late payment of credit card can greatly affect the credit score and decrease your credibility.
  • Home loan agents in Delhi will help you incur and understand the other additional costs that were not mentioned or calculated. To improve and better the chances of qualifying for a mortgage, you must save money. Before you apply for a mortgage, it’s good to avoid purchases that diminish your savings. Put off heavy purchases until you’ve secured loan.
  • Mortgage lenders wish to know your complete history which includes steady employment and income. It becomes a matter of concern if you have a non-employment income source. Generally, a steady income of 2 years minimum is required. In case, your income decreases due to any reason this can affect your lending process.


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What should you do before applying for a mortgage?

  • Limit the credit card usage to only extreme requirements. You don’t want to overburden yourself with an unimaginable amount of debt on the card.
  • Make sure you repay the credit card bill amount on time. If you don’t pay the bill on time, the penalty charge will be incurred and it will reflect upon the credit score.
  • Save money for future use. This is essential for a down payment and adds cash reserves. Savings are a must; if you have some amount in hand you can be relieved that you will not face any severe money havocs.
  • Ensure that you have job stability, stay on your current job and avoid switching. If you reflect stability this adds a character benefit for your lender, he can trust you better.

Home loan agents in Delhi provides you the right knowledge and awareness that is a must for procuring home loan or any other related loan. You may consult a loan consultant on the phone or physically to help you through the process. Maintaining a status quo is a must. You should know that only switch your job when you have a big fat paycheck. When you apply for a mortgage loan, even the slightest actions can have an effect on the chances of getting loan approval.