Lease Rental Discounting
Lease Rental Discounting loan (LRD) is a type of loan in which you can avail loans on the basis of future rental income, value of the property and discounted value of rentals. It is granted against the rental receipts from tenant. It helps the owners to utilize their property in a much more effective way. One can take one loan against the capital value of the property.  The other loan is secured by the cash
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Loan Against Property Without Map Image
You need to mortgage your property to apply for Loan against Property. Maps are crucially important document provided by authorities. Banks usually don’t offer loan against property without a map. It is no shock that the bank would want to mortgage a property.  It is their way of ensuring safety. In India, it is not a shocker if properties come up with no maps. There are plenty of them that have no map. Addressing the
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House With Personal Loan Image
Personal Loans can become an exception in some cases where you can use it to pay for a house. Personal loans typically come with a high rate of interest and shorter repayment tenure. This makes them a poor pick for a grave situation where you wish to repay the home loan. A personal loan can be the right pick when you want to pay off the amount for a small home. Some lenders may be
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Dos-and-Donts Mortgage by Loan On Phone
A mortgage is essentially a loan which is taken to purchase property or land. The minimum time of the loan is 25 years but these can be shorter or extended as per the particular demand and need. The loan is secured under the property that you provide as collateral unless the whole amount is paid off. There are some prerequisites that you must consider before applying for a mortgage. Here are some of the things
Unsecures Loans by Loan On Phone
When you decide on opting for a loan, there are some factors that will help you determine if you need a certain type of loan or not. There are two types of loans, Secured and Unsecured Loans. An unsecured loan is a type of loan which issued and provided only if the borrower is worthy of taking credit. This particular loan type doesn’t require you to use any collateral as an asset. The terms of
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