Home Loans are essentially commitments which last for a notably longer duration, generally for about 10 – 20 years.  Buying a house is a crucial and heavy task which is inclusive of extensive planning, fund management and home loan execution along with managing all the added cost and the cost of ensuring that the investment is in the right place and for the right property. The major problem that people face is how to secure
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Purchasing property for the business purpose is a great idea, provided you have a clearly defined objective behind it. Investment in the property helps to build equity, make your expenditures a lot more foreseeable and help you gain tax advantages too. Here are few important reasons to consider investing in commercial real estate:- For a greater cash flow – Generally, the return on commercial real estate is higher as compared to the residential properties. This
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Loan Against Property
Are you in need of money to finance your business or fund your child’s education abroad? While there may be several convenient ways to meet these expenses, one of the best options is to go for loan. You could either choose to opt for personal loan or another lucrative choice could be to take a loan against your property.  Loan Against Property (LAP) It can be defined as a loan disbursed against the mortgage of
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Splurging home loan to the homeowners has turned out to be one of the major sources of business. The attention for all prospects is offered at an extremely lucrative interest rate along with plenty of add-ons like life insurance, motor insurance, etc. This is called divesting portfolio and in today’s environment businesses do a lot of things to stay ahead and in order, also to leverage sources of income. Bank Loan Transfers have been initiated
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Lease Rental Discounting
Lease Rental Discounting loan (LRD) is a type of loan in which you can avail loans on the basis of future rental income, value of the property and discounted value of rentals. It is granted against the rental receipts from tenant. It helps the owners to utilize their property in a much more effective way. One can take one loan against the capital value of the property.  The other loan is secured by the cash
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