Every business irrespective of the scale faces critical financial problems that occur due to the shortage of working capital. Entrepreneurs find they exhausted and worked up in search of money to keep their business on track. To cater to the sudden shortage of money, banks have come up with credit limit, called as cash credit. A current account is the cash credit account which business people use to meet any sudden financial crises. What is
Cash Credit  
An ideal world would be the one where everyone has enough capital to fulfill all their needs. In reality, most of us have to rely on borrowing system to meet our goals. This gap between expectation and reality is bridged well by banks and NBFCs. These financial institutions bombard the prospective customers with alluring loan offers through various modes of marketing, such as emails, SMS, and personal calls. Some commit to provide the lowest interest
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What is Loan against Property? In the real estate market today, the property is an asset. Your property can be utilized as a home or to earn rent. The same property can also help you obtain large capital with the help of ‘loan against Property’. The term that is a regular in the housing finance sector is Loan against Property. It is a secured loan that you avail by keeping the commercial or residential property
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